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Frequently Asked Questions

Zed is releasing a limited number of cards throughout 2024. Sign up for the waitlist and look out for an invitation to apply through the Zed app.

Yes. Zed is a Mastercard credit card that can be used globally, online and in person. 

Yes. Zed cardholders receive one physical card and can create virtual cards in the Zed app. All purchases across all your cards add to the same Zed balance.

Virtual cards help keep your account secure when you transact online. Each virtual card has its own card number and you can lock or delete the card anytime. You can also create as many new virtual cards as you like. 

Here are some ways to use virtual cards:

  • “Burner” card: Make one purchase, then delete the card. This may set your mind at ease if you aren’t sure if your card data will be secure after your purchase is complete.
  • Subscription card: Make a virtual card for each of your online subscriptions. This way, if you don’t want to pay for that subscription, just lock or delete the card. Your other subscriptions won’t be disrupted. 
  • Merchant card: use a virtual card only for purchases with a specific merchant. You can easily monitor charges with this merchant, and lock the card between uses.

No. Zed is a type of credit card called a charge card, which means that your payment is due in full at the end of your statement period and your balance does not revolve. Because of this, interest will never be charged on your purchases.

As the Credit Card Issuer, Zed receives a portion of network fees on each purchase, called Interchange. The network fees are paid by the merchant, not the cardholder.

No. Zed does not charge an annual fee.

Zed works internationally with any merchant that accepts Mastercard. Zed is the perfect travel card because there are zero foreign transaction fees. 

You can send a fund transfer via InstaPay from your bank or ewallet app. Simply generate a QR code or copy the account number from the Zed app, and pay the full amount due on your statement. Your payment will be reflected on your Zed account instantly. No waiting or worrying needed.

Tip: You can also share the QR code with others. This is useful for getting paid back directly to your Zed card by friends or family when you go KKB (split the bill).

If your payment is late, your Zed account will be paused and you won’t be able to make any purchases with your Zed cards. You’ll still have access to the app and all your account data. We’ll reach out and work with you to get your account back to good standing. 

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